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All-In-One Martial Arts Website Builder

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Doodlekit is an online website builder that you can use to build a karate or martial arts website in minutes! Perfect for dojos and karate schools looking to have a web presence. No web development experience needed. Doodlekit's martial arts website builder is super easy to use. Doodlekit allows you to bulk upload photos, change layouts and color themes, create your own website headers, blog about upcoming events, make an online store to sell karate supplies to your students, build online forms to gather customer information, and much more.

Doodlekit is all online - no software to install. Most karate website builders require you to install software on a specific computer and only use that computer to build your website. Not Doodlekit. With our martial arts website builder, you can build your karate website from anywhere in the world, anytime you want - no software to install! All you need is internet access and a browser.

Karate Website Builder Features

  • No Coding Required
  • Online Content Management System
  • Domain Procurement
  • Blog
  • Online Photo Albums / Bulk Uploader
  • Forums
  • PayPal & Google Shopping Carts
  • Advanced CSS Override Editor
  • Online Website Builder
  • Advanced Website Design Tools
  • Form Builder
  • Domain Email Forwarding
  • File Uploader
  • HTML Widgets
  • Advanced Font Selections For Titles
  • International Language Settings
  • Free Website Builder For Non-Profits
  • Martial Arts Website Builder
  • Domain Management Tools
  • User Registration / Membership
  • Built In Stock Photo/Image Repository
  • W3C Valid XHTML/CSS Layouts
  • Website Statistics Tracking
  • Built In Advertising Tool
  • Advanced Security
  • Advanced Editor With Spell Checking
  • Karate Website Builder

Martial Arts & Karate Website Usage Examples

Doodlekit is the best martial arts website builder on the market. Its powerful backend database provides your website with advanced tools that no other karate website builder can provide. Here are some example Doodlekit features you might find of use when creating your Martial Arts / Karate website:

Blog - You can use Doodlekit's blog feature to keep your karate students and their families up-to-date with the latest tournaments, demonstrations, and other martial arts news. You can post pics from your photo album here of certain karate/martial arts events and provide descriptions of how things went.

Photo Album - Upload photos of your martial arts students and karate instructors. Post pics from recent martial arts tournaments and karate demonstrations. Share these images with everyone on the web or limit their visibility to only registered website members.

Shopping Cart - Use the shopping cart to sell karate gi's and martial arts supplies to your students (or anyone else who visits your website!). You can also set up membership plans and have your students pay their dues online!

Forms - Use Doodlekit's form builder to create online forms for potential customers to fill out. Set up polls and questionnaires. Gather data from your users for marketing purposes.

Building a Karate Website

If you are a martial arts instructor, you are likely responsible for much more than training your students. In addition to running the classes you teach, you have to do all the billing and collections, the promotions and advertising, pay the rent, make sure you keep your insurance and bonding in place, mop the floors, clean the mats, and maybe you even do the laundry. In fact, your dojo may be your second job. You work for a living at a desk, pushing papers, or maybe you have a difficult manual labor day job you must endure before you spend your nights and weekends with your greatest passion. And if you have read this far, you are likely also responsible for creating a website for your karate club/dojo. The good news is this is the easy part. You can build your own karate website. It won't cost that much either. Doodlekit offers you everything you need, which is a karate website builder all in one place. Doodlekit is a soup to nuts solution which allows you to sign up and do everything you need to do, step by step, to have an Internet presence. You don't have to know anything about programming. If you've been using word processing programs and presentation software, or if you are even familiar with using the Internet, you really can build and manage your very own martial arts club website.

Overview of How Doodlekit's Karate Website Builder Works:

For the sake of absolute simplicity, Doodlekit isn't just a martial arts website maker. It is also everything else you need. How? When you sign up for your website, assuming you are paying a monthly fee and not going with the free version, the first thing you'll do is search, register, and obtain your own domain name. All you do is type in the name you want, and submit, and Doodlekit does the rest. It searches for the availability of the name or names you desire, and once you find one available, it is all yours, packaged into your reasonably priced monthly subscription. Then, you start building your template by using the Doodlekit template wizard, which will step by step guide you through designing the look and feel you want to give your martial arts website. This essentially means you'll be constructing the standard presentation of all of your pages so that you have the same margins, colors and header images on each of your web pages. Once this is done, the third step in using our martial arts website builder is adding text, pictures, videos, and you name it. You can easily set up a login and registration portal so all of your students can participate on your website, be it through the blogs or the forums you can create through our tools. You can post videos of your students be they in class or in competition. You can use their signup information to send them email reminders, news letters, or even past due notices. In fact, you can even use our shopping cart to set up a way for your students, or their parents, to pay you online via credit or debit card. By using Doodlekit, you can choose to never accept a manual payment again! No checks or cash please! Pay me online!

Doodlekit's Karate Website Builder Helps the Sensei Help the Student do All the Work!

That's right. Our karate website maker helps you, the teacher, make your students do all the work. Is not part of martial arts training the discipline the pupil gains by performing the rudimentary tasks like cleaning the mats and moping the floors? Wax on, wax off! Here is how you do it. First, you use our karate website maker to design your website. Then, you make your students do the rest. It is that simple. Think about it. Once you have the design of your site down, the blogs and forums and shopping cart in place, your students, based on their belts and rank, can post all the images and videos, write the text, make postings on the calendar, send out newsletters and reminders, or even do collections. Let's take the example of the Blog to prove our point. First, you'll see that just by signing up a blog will be in place without your doing anything. There will be boxes with instructive text which you click on to type in and save content. Just by clicking a red button you can create a new blog, use the simple text editor to add words and content, hit save, and you are done. The great news is that we have a system in place for allowing you to give access to your selected students to create blogs for your entire club. All they have to do is register on your site, by filling out a form, and you then have the option to give whatever access you want to each student so they can make contributions to your blog. 

To emphasize our example of student participation in real terms, let's assume you don't earn enough in dues paid to support all of your karate club's costs. Perhaps you are always short when it comes to paying the cost of going to a tournament be it the entry fees or just getting there. So, every summer you have a car wash. You can put your car wash on your website, be it in a blog or forum or page or otherwise, and you can make your students handle all the details. They can send out reminders, discuss the details in a public or private forum, and then the day of the event they can take pictures and post them on the club site. They can write all about the car wash, who showed up, how much money was made, you name it. You can even post a tribute or thank you for whomever hosted your car wash, thus giving them recognition and free advertising on the Internet.

And finally, the more information you post about your martial arts club and its activities on your site, the more likely you are to attract new students. Wouldn't it be nice for local people seeking a sensei to find you with a simple Internet search? The more good and informative content you post on your site, the more likely new students will find you.

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